Totobi toothpaste for dogs and cats

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Natural toothpaste for dogs and cats Natural toothpaste is a safe and natural solution for tooth care. A mild and effective formula of plant extracts, natural oils and food ingredients, soothes infections, has antibacterial and bactericidal properties. A light addition of mint extract will make your pet's breath fresh and pleasant. It strengthens the enamel and gum resistance, has anti-caries properties, leaves a protective film on the teeth and gums. It gently removes plaque and plaque, polishes and smoothes. A tasty paste with a coconut pleasant taste for pets. WITHOUT RINSING, Pets can safely swallow it. In addition, it has been packed in a glass package to avoid generating rubbish. 100% vegan product, human tested.

WITHOUT : alcohol, fluoride, sugar, dyes, no spicy flavors.

Composition: Shea butter - regenerates, creates a protective film, soothes irritations, antibacterial, strengthens gums. Coconut oil - has a bactericidal anti-caries effect, whitens teeth, reduces inflammation, has a bactericidal effect. Natural abrasive mineral - removes plaque and tartar, polishes and smoothes. Vegetable glycerin - regenerates, strengthens the enamel, creates a protective layer. Peppermint extract - has antibacterial and antifungal properties, refreshes breath.

Capacity: 50g

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