Are our products suitable for large and very small dogs?

es, every product has a standard size - more about dimensions in the tab > "sizes" . If your pet does not enter in any of the sizes you can specify its dimensions with the selected product, and it will be sewn to individual dimensions. 

have a problem with a custom-made product. What now?

If you have comments on your order, please contact us and we will find a beneficial solution together. Please remember that incorrectly specified dimensions significantly affect the product's construction and may prevent it from being changed. The sewing patch is a paid service. 

My dog ​​bit a buckle / nap (hook). Is it possible to repair?

taking into account the specifics of the work, of course, we make repairs to our productó Just use one of our additional services - more information in the tab ,,usługi dodatkowe”.

Is it possible to ship abroad?

Of course. All you have to do is add the selected product to the basket and choose the option of shipping abroad when choosing a carrier. The shipping price may change depending on the size of the shipment and destination.

Is it possible to send the order on delivery?

It is not possible to send the order COD.

What is the delivery time of the order?

We make every effort to ensure that orders reach you as soon as possible. The standard order processing time is 5-7 business days, during holiday periods it is extended to 10-14 business days. when sewing to individual dimensions, the waiting time is longer, i.e. 10-14 business days.

Is it possible to speed up the order execution?

Yes, it is possible to buy the express option in the "additional services" tab. Then your order will be processed within 2-3 business days. This applies above all to clothes, lairs, blankets and all products of a "larger" size. When buying one collar or leash, add to the order information that you care about time and we will try to send them within 1-2 business days.

What are the payment methods?

When choosing the option of personal collection, you can make a payment in our stores usinggotówki lub karty płatniczej. Przy zamówieniach online płatność dokonasz przelewem tradycyjnym, poprzez Paypal lub Przelewy24. Czy jest możliwość zwrotu produktu?

Yes, of course, you have 14 days to make a refund without reason. More information on this subject is in the "Delivery and returns" tab at the bottom of our page.

Is it possible to exchange the product?

Yes of course, you have 14 days to exchange for the same or different product. More information on this subject is available in the 'Delivery and returns' tab.

Is embroidery with the name paid?

One embroidery with the name of the pet on the product is free, in the case of several embroidery on one product or making your own design it is already a paid service - for pricing, please e-mail us

How to choose the size?

As we all know, our four-legged friends are of various sizes, shapes and lengths. Even dogs of the same breed have very different dimensions, so when choosing clothes or accessories follow the exact dimensions given in the table under each product. Don't think about the sizes of other brands your pet used to wear because sizes may vary completely. If you are not sure which size you should choose, write to us at: or when buying, select the individual dimension and give us your pet's dimensions.

Can our products be machine washed?

All clothing, beds and blankets can be washed in a washing machine at 30-40 degrees without any problems. Accessories with metal fittings should be washed by hand, or put in a laundry bag to avoid knocking on the washing machine drum. For gilded decorations, detergent is not recommendedów.

What are gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are the perfect idea for a gift or a gift for every dog ​​fanatic. Vouchers are accepted in our stores as a means of payment. You can read more about vouchers in the tab „bony prezentowe”.